Looking back on the golden decade of my country's imported high-end machine tools

  China's machine tool market has entered a period of adjustment since 2012.This process will continue for a long time.In a short range,it should be more than ten years,and this decade is precisely the golden decade for imported high-end machine tools.
  In the more than ten years from 2001 to 2011,China's machine tool industry has been very lively.It seems to be very prosperous,but it is actually a virtual image;in it,it seems that China's machine tools are progressing,improving,and the distance from international advanced countries in all aspects is increasing.It is close,but it is actually zooming out,which can be seen from the following two points:
  1.Machine tool stability
  The stability of China's local machine tools has not improved in the past ten years,and still remains at around 300 hours-this is the greatest sadness of China's machine tools.Regarding this point,Mr.Cai Weici,vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation,also complained bitterly.
  2.Complex processing technology
  The technological gap of Chinese machine tools is mainly reflected in this aspect.European and Japanese machine tools have generally realized the practical application of complex processing technologies,such as five-axis and six-axis linkage of machining centers,and turning-milling or turning-grinding of lathes.The accepted ones in the app are almost never seen.
  The current status of Chinese machine tools cannot meet the urgent needs of the transformation and upgrading of the vast number of machining enterprises in China,which leaves a huge market space for imported high-end machine tools.
  The Chinese market will continue to create market opportunities for the following three types of imported machine tools:
  1.Five-axis,six-axis linkage machining center
  Among them,there are five-axis and six-axis linkage machining centers such as vertical machining,horizontal machining,gantry,boring and milling,etc.There are almost no competitors in China in these aspects,and the price of imported equipment will remain high for a long time.
  2.Compound machine tool
  These include turning-milling compound,turning-grinding compound,compound grinding machine,laser punching compound and other compound machine tools.
  3.Difficult-to-machine machine tools
  That is,for machine tools with special requirements for processing workpieces,it is necessary to design one-to-one.
  In the long run,Chinese machine tools cannot replace European and Japanese high-end machine tools,and whether there is a possibility of forming a replacement remains to be seen,which mainly depends on the following two points:
  1.Will China's functional parts industry and basic materials industry make great progress?
  It is an indisputable fact that China's machine tool functional parts industry and basic materials industry have long made little progress and have received little attention.The Chinese government has long regarded GDP as the main culprit.
  Because the output value of functional components is lower than that of complete machine tools and contributes little to the performance of local governments,local governments have long attached importance to complete machine tools and ignored the development of functional components.Only when the government really withdraws from the market can the functional component industry usher in a good development!
  2.Precipitation of talents
  The gap between us and Europe and Japan is at the root of the gap between industrial workers.There are many century-old companies in the European machine tool industry,especially German companies.Technology is continuously passed down and precipitated among technicians and workers;on the other hand,in China,talents are in chaos.Like the whole country,how can we talk about inheritance?Where is the precipitation?If the talent problem is not solved,China's machine tools will never succeed!


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According to data, about 70% of the total cost of automobiles is a part of automobile parts procurement. When the procurement cost decreases by 1%, profits increase by 5-10%, and when sales increase by 1%, profits only increase by 1%. It is obvious that reducing procurement costs can easily increase profits and enhance competitive advantages. So, let's take a look at the automotive parts procurement system and supplier management analysis together!

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Sheet metal is a product processed by sheet metal technology, and we cannot live without sheet metal everywhere. Sheet metal parts are made through filament power winding, laser cutting, heavy processing, metal bonding, metal stretching, plasma cutting, precision welding, rolling forming, sheet metal bending forming, die forging, and water jet cutting.

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Connecting buffer water tanks in series in the central air conditioning system can increase the water capacity of small systems, store cooling or heat, and effectively solve problems such as load fluctuations and frequent host startup caused by small systems, thus achieving the goal of extending equipment service life and saving energy.

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Reasons and Solutions for Edge Burning of Popular Laser Cutting Machines Used by Automobile Charging Cabinet Sheet Metal Manufacturers

Reasons and Solutions for Edge Burning of Popular Laser Cutting Machines Used by Automobile Charging Cabinet Sheet Metal Manufacturers Reasons and solutions for edge burning in laser cutting machines Today, the sheet metal manufacturer of car charging cabinets will share with you the reasons and solutions for the edge burning of popular laser cutting machines. I hope the following content can help everyone. Car charging cabinet sheet metal manufacturer: analysis of the reasons for edge burning of metal laser cutting machines The reason for edge burning and slag sticking in laser cutting of sheet metal parts: When laser cutting sheet metal parts, a large amount of heat is generated. Generally, the heat generated by cutting will diffuse along the slit into the processed metal plate, obtaining sufficient cooling. When metal laser cutting machines process small holes, the outside of the hole can be fully cooled, but the heat diffusion space inside a single hole is small, and the heat energy is too concentrated, leading to phenomena such as overburning and slag hanging. In addition, in thick plate cutting, the molten metal and heat accumulated on the material surface during perforation can cause auxiliary airflow disorder and excessive heat input, leading to overburning. Car charging cabinet sheet metal manufacturers: How to solve the problem of burning edges and slag hanging Solution to overburning in laser cutting of carbon steel holes: In carbon steel cutting with oxygen as the auxiliary gas, the key to solving the problem lies in how to prevent the generation of oxidation reaction heat. When piercing, auxiliary oxygen cutting is used, and after a delay, auxiliary air or nitrogen cutting is used. This method can process holes in 1/6 thick plates. Pulse cutting conditions with low frequency peak output power can reduce heat output and help optimize cutting conditions. Setting the conditions as a single pulse laser beam, high energy intensity, and low frequency peak output can effectively reduce the accumulation of molten metal on the material surface during the perforation process, effectively stopping heat output. Solution for laser cutting of aluminum alloy and stainless steel: In the processing of such materials, nitrogen gas is used as the auxiliary gas, and there will be no burning phenomenon during cutting. However, due to the high temperature of the material inside the small hole, the phenomenon of internal slag hanging will be more frequent. An effective solution is to increase the pressure of the auxiliary gas and set the conditions to high peak output and low-frequency pulse conditions. When using air as the auxiliary gas, just like when using nitrogen, there will be no overburning, but bottom slagging is easy to occur. Therefore, it is necessary to set the conditions to high auxiliary gas pressure, high peak output, and low-frequency pulse. The above is the reason and solution for laser cutting machine edge burning explained by the sheet metal manufacturer of the car charging cabinet. Do you all understand? If you want to learn more about relevant knowledge, please feel free to contact our automotive charging cabinet sheet metal manufacturer. We will wholeheartedly serve you and hope that the knowledge explained above can help you. Thank you for your patience in watching and wish you a happy life.

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