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About Changlong Metal

The company has 360 employees and more than 60 engineers and technicians. It has CNC laser cutting machines, CNC turret punching machines and advanced surface electrostatic spraying production lines that are relatively advanced in sheet metal processing methods in the world. It has 20 bending machines, 22 shearing machines and more than 40 punching machines of various specifications. Among them, there are 10 sets of 60-ton, 6 sets of 80-ton and above, one 300-ton and 1,000-ton hydraulic press, various advanced carbon dioxide gas shielded welding machines, argon arc welding machines, 1 set of advanced computer leveling and uncoiler units and 19 1 roll plate leveling machine.

The company has always adhered to the quality policy of "quality first, customer first" for many years, passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification, and adhered to the corporate tenet of "integrity-based, mutual benefit and win-win", and insisted on "quality assurance, customer satisfaction, pursuit of excellence, and eternal The corporate philosophy of "continuous operation" has won wide acclaim from customers.

Integrity and enterprising are the spirit of Changlong, quality and reputation are the life of Changlong, and meeting the needs of customers is the pursuit of Changlong.

Our slogan is: "Prosper the business of the four seas, revive the Chinese dragon".

Why choose us

Technical advantages

The company has 360 employees, engineering and technical personnel more than 60 people.

Value-added services

10 sets of 60 tons, 6 sets of 80 tons or more, and one hydraulic press of 300 tons and one hydraulic press of 1000 tons

After-sales service

Integrity and enterprising is the spirit of Changlong, quality and reputation is Changlong's life, to meet customer needs is Changlong's pursuit.

Independent production plant

Has the world's more advanced means of sheet metal processing CNC laser cutting machine, CNC turret punch and advanced surface electrostatic spraying production line